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Pumpkin Panic

Do you love farming? Welcome to the world of Pumpkin Panic where you will explore a little farm with strange things. Pumpkin Panic is a horror game where you have to earn money by farming while being hindered by creepy creatures.

Taking care of the farm and growing crops is no longer as simple as usual. Are you willing to face the scary things that can happen when you're alone? Put the hood of a pumpkin on and start the journey. 

Pumpkin Panic is now available to play online for free. There is no obstacle standing in your way. Let’s go!

How to play Pumpkin Panic

Your task in the game is to cultivate; you can grow any type you want, not just pumpkins. However, you need growing beds and a good water supply; that's all that matters.

Avoid the monster in the well: To ensure irrigation for plants, you need to get well water. However, the monster down there doesn't let you do it easily. It will suddenly scare you, so it is important to stay calm and not be afraid. If you can do that, the water supply will go as expected.

Take advantage of resources: Knowing how to use surrounding resources is also a secret in Pumpkin Panic. For example, sticks can be placed in a fireplace for warmth and light. You can also light a lantern or blow up balloons when the atmosphere gets creepy and you're not ready for it.

Explore the basement: Besides balloons and wells, you also have a basement full of mysteries to solve. Surprises and weird puzzles will probably make your pumpkin head explode. But, strangely, this is where you can get everything you need. Keep an eye out for the friendly scarecrow, and don't miss the useful items that drop from it.

Control guide:

WASD: Move around the farm.

F: Plant crops.

SPACE: Water plants with a flourish.

SHIFT: Sprint (dash across the farm).

R: Light up your lantern.

TAB: Hide bar.

WHEEL: Zoom.

Game Features

Horror: The game features horror elements with heart-stopping details and the appearance of creepy monsters. The creepy atmosphere and strange things that appear inexplicably may make you nervous. You need to be brave enough to overcome these things.

Survival: You are required to know what you should use to solve problems. How can the items around you help you? What effects do they have? What does their presence mean? This is the key to moving forward in Pumpkin Panic.

Farming: The game still satisfies your farming interest. You can grow your desired crops, go fishing and irrigate every day. It's just that this process will have strange things in between that make it more challenging.

Tips and Tricks

It is better to know the following things to play Pumpkin Panic and get past the fears in the game.

  1. As soon as you hear the music, you need to hide in your house immediately. You can't get past the crawling monster no matter what.
  2. Dark monsters will appear at night when the candles go out, leave the house.
  3. You took the clown's balloon at night, but you need to return it to him. Otherwise, he will find you and take your life.
  4. Don't get too close to the deer, if you approach, he will turn into a monster and finish you off. He needs time to transform, run away. The only thing that stops it is the door.
  5. You can leave the house when you hear the sound of the violin getting deeper because by then the skinwalker has disappeared.
  6. The monster in the well won't end your life, it will only scare you. If you stay calm, you'll solve the problem.


Do I have to pay to play Pumpkin Panic?

Absolutely not. You can play Pumpkin Panic online for free on our website. No charges are required. A mobile device with a stable Internet connection can ensure your good experience. 

Do I have to download it to play the game?

No. You do not have to download to play Pumpkin Panic because here it’s an online game.

How long will it take to beat Pumpkin Panic?

As real players, it will take you about 40 to 60 minutes to beat Pumpkin Panic. It’s up to you!

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