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Dusty Maze Hunter

In the puzzle game Dusty Maze Hunter, the player controls Dusty, a little square character, as he moves through a succession of mazes. The object of the game is to gather every dust particle in the maze without getting captured by the roving monsters.

Controls Guide

In the game, Dusty will perish if he is touched by any of the moving monsters. The game will terminate if a player runs out of life, as they have a finite number.
Played from a top-down viewpoint, Dusty can be moved by the user by touching or clicking on the screen in the desired direction. The player must navigate through a variety of obstacles in the mazes, including doors, walls, and traps, in order to gather every dust particle.

As the player advances in Dusty Maze Hunter, the mazes get harder and harder, adding to the game's challenge. Monsters in later mazes are harder to evade and are bigger and more intricate.

Control game

Use mouse and keyboard to control the game.

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