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KinitoPET opens up a world where virtual pets combine with psychological horror elements, creating a surprising gaming experience. This game starts out innocent, but that innocence quickly gives way to a dark atmosphere when Kinito, your virtual pet, begins to exhibit strange and scary behavior.

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The gameplay begins with you taking care of Kinito, since it was an egg. You will watch its development through different stages, from nurturing to adulthood, and at the same time, feelings of insecurity will gradually appear. Technical problems, mysterious messages, and Kinito's unusual behavior raise questions about the true nature of this AI—is it a trustworthy friend or a terrifying entity? You will be challenged to uncover the secret behind Kinito and face hidden dangers, not only in the virtual world but also in reality.

• Start from the egg: Kinito's care starts with a virtual egg, where you will witness its birth.

• Nurturing Kinito: You will care for Kinito by meeting basic needs such as food, entertainment, and hygiene.

• Explore the world: You will learn and discover secrets and hidden areas in the world of Kinito.

• Solve the mystery: Throughout the game, you will follow the changes in Kinito's behavior, leading you to discover a dark and disturbing truth.


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Arcadehorror games

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