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A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing takes you on a dangerous adventure on dangerous mountaintops. To conquer this mountain, you do not need any support equipment, just agility and accurate judgment. You will control the character with the mouse, pull yourself up high, and move skillfully from one point to another. The skill of taking advantage of momentum is the key to overcoming challenges and saving time.


• Climbing Theme: The game focuses entirely on climbing, using a mouse or gamepad to control the character's hands and trying to grasp support points.

• Significant difficulty: As the name suggests, A Difficult Game About Climbing poses tough challenges for players.

• Intuitive controls, varied challenges: intuitive yet challenging controls will test your climbing ability and patience.

• Surprise at the summit: An exciting secret awaits talented climbers at the summit.


Controls Guide

Use mouse and keyboard to control the game.

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