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Pumpkin Clicker

Pumpkin Clicker is a simple and fun Halloween-themed clicking game in which you have to click on a giant pumpkin to earn coins and upgrades. The goal of the game is to make your pumpkin as big as possible and with as much money as possible.

How to play Pumpkin Clicker

You just need to click on the pumpkin in the middle of the screen to earn money. You can use your coins to buy various upgrades, such as increasing click speed, increasing the amount of money per click, or hiring staff to click pumpkins for you.

You can also unlock special features, such as fireworks, electric discharges, or UFO calls, to increase your effectiveness. The game has beautiful graphics and vivid sounds, giving you a fun and addictive clicking experience.

Game controls

  • Use your mouse and click on pumpkins to earn coins.
  • To see your amount, click on the left corner and click on the right corner to see the number of clicks.
  • The upgrade menu is in the bottom right corner, where you can buy different upgrades at different prices.
  • The game can be saved by clicking the Save button.
  • You can also set the game's sound and volume controls by clicking the Settings button in the lower left corner.

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