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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farming games. This is a game in the role-playing and simulation game genres. Stardew Valley is an expansive farming role-playing game in which you inherit your grandfather's old farm land in Stardew Valley. With old tools and a little money, you start your new life.

Gameplay Stardew Valley

The player will transform into a farmer. Start experiencing life in a peaceful, happy countryside. You will have to perform tasks such as planting, watering, and harvesting agricultural products. At the same time, you will go on fishing or reclamation trips to explore more resources around the farm.

You need to gain profits from farming and get rich so you can upgrade and expand the land around the farm for further development.


  • This game allows players to interact with people appearing near their home. You will be able to exchange, talk, and learn many new experiences from them.
  • In the game, there will be two types of weather: sunny and rainy. Each type of weather will be accompanied by changes in crops and the types of fish caught.
  • Every 28 days, you will be transferred to a new season, with spring, summer, autumn, and winter in order. Each season will have different crops and corresponding types of fish and plants.
  • This Stardew Valley is installed with melodious, soft, and quite pleasant background music. Giving players a gentle, relaxing feeling when playing the game.
  • The graphic design of the squid game is simple and rustic. The entire scene in the game has bright colors, bringing a gentle, familiar, and peaceful feeling.

Game controls

  • You can use the keyboard and mouse to control the game.
  • Move with the W, A, S, and D keys
  • Use tools or place items by left-clicking or pressing C.
  • Check or take action by right-clicking or pressing X.
  • Open the menu by pressing Escape or E, and switch items by pressing Tab or Shift.

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