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Mario’s Madness V2

A Friday Night Funkin' mod called Mario's Madness V2 explores the Mario Creepypasta universe. This version, the third in the Mario '85 PC Port mod series, has become incredibly popular. With Girlfriend's help, players assume the role of Boyfriend and battle a variety of horrifying monsters drawn from Mario's world and the Super Mario Bros. video games. Something is awry in the Mushroom Kingdom, and it goes beyond a straightforward plumbing issue. You have to put up with Mario's savage beats since he's gone wild. Can you restore peace to the green pixel planet and rap more skillfully than bad Mario?

Controls Guide

  • Join the epic rap fight by hitting the dance floor.
  • In a musical showdown, stay on beat, hit the correct notes, and outshine Mario.
  • Be vigilant and resist the urge to give in to evil's beatings!

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HorrorArcade Games

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