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Level Devil

Level Devil is a platform game with a devilish touch. The goal is simple: reach the door at the end of each level to win, but it's not as easy as you think... Holes can appear unexpectedly, spikes can move erratically, and the ceiling can collapse on your head when you pass different levels. One wrong step, and you will lose. You have to stay calm, watch out for surprises, and, most importantly, don't get angry. Can you get through these hellish levels and defeat the Level Devil?

Controls Guide

How to play Level Devil is very simple. You just need to use the left mouse button to rotate the gun left or right. You left-clicked to shoot. Your goal is to get to the door at the end of each level while avoiding dangerous objects. You also need to be quick, because if you don't get to the door within the allotted time, you will get a game over.

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