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Retro Bowl College

You know Retro Bowl, don't you? Its official spin-off was released. Retro Bowl College brings you a new challenge that's so hard that you'll find managing a professional team is nothing.

In Retro Bowl College, you will take on the role of head coach for a college team. You can choose your own team among the 250 college teams given. Then, what is your responsibility? In addition to strictly managing your budget, you need to keep an eye on your players to keep them away from bad things and maintain a healthy training regimen.

Can you help them develop their talents, or will things spiral out of control due to temptation? Can your football team become the greatest college team of all time?

How to Play Retro Bowl College

The steps to playing Retro Bowl College cannot be said to be simple because they may be easy to learn but difficult for players to master. The truth is that you need to be proficient to go further. Firstly, see the control guide below:

  • Move players around the field using the virtual joystick.
  • Pass the ball by swiping the screen in the desired direction.
  • Throw a bullet pass with a double tap.
  • Call a timeout by swiping down.

An important thing in playing Retro Bowl College is that you need to carefully time your pass. A well-timed pass can change the outcome of the match.

In addition, it is necessary to use projectiles sparingly. You will see the unexpected effects of this in tight situations. At the same time, you should apply different tactics to confuse your opponents in making judgments.

Remember that you are trying to become a winning head coach. Can you do that and elevate your team? Play Retro Bowl College and wait and see.

Good luck!

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