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My Farm Life

My Farm Life is a fun and challenging farm management game with a beautiful cartoon graphic style. In this game, you will play the role of Lisa, an aspiring young actress who is tricked into signing a contract to participate in a reality TV show about farming. You will have to help Lisa complete farm tasks, from planting and raising animals to production and sales. You'll have to work hard to meet customer requests, deal with problems, and achieve goals. You will have to manage time, budget, and human resources effectively. You will have the opportunity to expand and upgrade your farm, purchase new equipment and livestock, and discover surprises.

How To Play My Farm Life

  • You just need to use the mouse to control Lisa, take orders, and interact with objects.
  • You will see orders appear on the screen; you can receive them by dragging them to the electronic board.
  • You will have to complete the orders within the time limit by planting, harvesting, processing, and delivering. You will have to pay attention to various factors, like water, fertilizer, pests, and weather.
  • You will be able to use different tools and livestock, from carrots, corn, and milk to cows, chickens, and horses. You will be able to craft products ranging from cakes, butter, and cheese to pizza, cookies, and ice cream.

Controls Guide

Use mouse and keyboard to control the game.

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