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DOP: Draw One Part

DOP: Draw One Part is a simple and fun puzzle game in which you have to draw the missing part of a picture. You must use your logic and creativity to realize which part of the picture is missing and draw it in. You don't have to be exact; just your shape is close enough to the answer. If you're stuck, you can use the hint button to show the area you need to draw. This game has many different levels, from easy to difficult, and can make you laugh when you see unexpected images after you finish drawing.

Controls Guide

Some basic steps to play DOP: Draw One Part are:

• Look closely at the picture and think about which part is missing. It could be a small detail, a line, or a large object.

• Drag the left mouse button to draw the missing part into the picture. You can draw as many times as needed.

• If you draw correctly, the picture will be complete and you will be moved to the next level. If you draw incorrectly, you will lose points and have to draw again.

• If you don't know what to draw, you can press the hint button to see where the missing part is. Points will be deducted each time you use a hint.

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