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Cluster Rush

In the exhilarating platform and skill game Cluster Rush, you must slide, leap, and cling to trucks to keep them from plummeting. Don't let the game's straightforward beginning deceive you into thinking that it will be easy to get a feel for it. The difficulty will soon rise, putting your dexterity, balance, and fast thinking to the test. Your focus will be put to the test on a total of 35 levels, and finishing them all will be a significant accomplishment!

Ahead of you is some intense action! Your objective is to demonstrate your talents by jumping from one vehicle to the next while maintaining your balance and avoiding any falls. To ensure that you avoid running into any walls, pay great attention to where you land and carefully consider your next move.

Controls Guide

  • To jump higher, press the spacebar.
  • Use the spacebar to ascend.
  • To move left, use the left arrow.
  • To move right, use the right arrow.

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