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That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is set in 1955, where players take on the role of an apartment building janitor. Then doppelgangers—creatures that can mimic humans—become an everyday threat. In the game, the player must identify and prevent creatures capable of imitating human form, known as doppelgangers, from entering the building. These doppelgangers can perfectly simulate both the appearance and gestures of real residents, making it extremely difficult to tell them apart.


Controls Guide

Players will sit in an office behind a glass door and carefully check on anyone who requests to enter the building, using the provided paperwork and items in the office. Each time you play, there will be a list of people who want to enter the building, but there are also doppelgangers who will try to impersonate them to enter the building with the aim of killing you and other neighbors. Your mission is to identify these doppelgangers and stop them while allowing real neighbors to enter the building.


Use the mouse to control the game.

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