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Pumpkin Panic Monsters

In the horror adventure game Pumpkin Panic Monsters, you take on the role of an enigmatic figure who needs to figure out how to survive in a terrifying pumpkin garden. In order to make money and improve your house, you will need to cultivate and tend a variety of crops, not just pumpkins. In addition, you can go fishing, discover new places, and engage in other enjoyable activities. But you also need to be on the lookout for spooky and hazardous animals, such as clowns, deer monsters, cow monsters, and shadow monsters. To avoid and deal with them, as well as to uncover the mystery surrounding the pumpkin garden, you will need to make use of your tools and abilities. You will experience a wide variety of days and nights, with unique obstacles and happenings on each one.


Controls Guide

  • You will use the WASD keys for movement, the F key for planting, and the SPACE key for watering in order to play the game.
  • To zoom, use the mouse wheel; to conceal the toolbar; to switch on the lamp; to dash; and to use the SHIFT key.
  • The mouse can also be used to aim and fire.
  • In the game, sounds will indicate the arrival of enemies, so you'll need to pay attention to them.

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