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Pumpkin Panic 2

Pumpkin Panic 2 is the second part of the horror game Pumpkin Panic. It continues the story of a farmer on a small farm.

You want to find a quiet place to avoid noise, but is that farm in the middle of the forest really such a place? There's something secretly going on that gives you goosebumps.

Can you overcome the scary and strange things in the middle of a deep forest? Will your farm be well cared for and irrigated regularly?

How to Play Pumpkin Panic 2

Do you know how to defeat Pumpkin Panic in the second part? Follow the guide below:

  • Use the WASD keys to move around the farm.
  • Press F to plant crops and see how they grow.
  • Press Space to water to make sure your plants don't go thirsty.
  • Tap SHIFT when your leisurely farming is over and horrors begin to arise.
  • Press R when night falls to dispel the darkness.
  • Start Pumpkin Panic and explore the creepy farming!

Watch out for everything around you to beat the Pumpkin Panic finally.


Is Pumpkin Panic 2 free?
Pumpkin Panic 2 is for free to play online. There is no cost required for all players. Your job is to save this page to play it anytime.

What does the clown do in Pumpkin Panic?
In Pumpkin Panic 1, the clown will appear when the music is playing at night. If you take the balloon from him, you have to give it back to him, or he will take your life later.

Can I play Pumpkin Panic 2 online or am I required to download it?
You can play Pumpkin Panic 2 online here without having to download it. Just save this page to play anytime.

Will you beat the Pumpkin Panic? Let’s play it and see! Good luck!

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