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Amanda the Adventurer

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey with Amanda the Adventurer, but beware—things could go terribly wrong! Take charge of Rikey Park as she attempts to tidy her late aunt's attic and finds a number of ancient video cassettes. These videos feature "Amanda the Adventurer," an apparently benign children's television program. It shows a young girl named Amanda and Wooly the Sheep, who is her best friend. Players begin to feel uneasy as they view the tapes more and more. Is Amanda truly communicating with you via the television screen?

Amanda the Adventurer is a must-play for fans of scary games since it flawlessly combines the emotions of psychological terror and excitement. As Amanda begins to ask questions about her journey, which appear to be addressed to the players, gamers first join her. As you play the game, you'll learn the real story beneath Amanda's amiable exterior! 

Controls Guide

In the game, use the left mouse button to interact.

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