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Backrooms, a game based on a hugely popular creepypasta, will keep you entertained for hours as you attempt to find the escape route through an area filled with abandoned office cubicles. Players experience an odd sense of nostalgia as they explore the space, which is filled with flickering fluorescent lights and muted monochromatic decor that makes them feel like they've been here before. But this place is home to a mystery beast that will not be pleased to see any intruders! Keep going; otherwise, it will catch up with you!

In the captivating escape-stealth game Backrooms, players must gather hints to figure out how to get out. However, getting around this site is difficult due to the enormous quantity of office cubicles scattered all over the place. Can you make it out of there without having to confront the ominous creature?

Controls Guide

  • Move your mouse to take a look around.
  • To navigate, press the WASD keys.

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HorrorCasual Games2D Games

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