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Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Greetings from the exciting Geometry Dash Maze Map universe! Enter a world of colorful geometric shapes where you take control of a cheerful, bright square character. Explore this square by making your way through a labyrinth of sharp triangles and perilous traps. As you lead the square through the difficult path ahead, your dexterity and cunning will be put to the test.

Controls Guide

  • Manoeuvre through the illuminated square, a labyrinth full of jagged triangles and obstacles.
  • Steer clear of traps. Manage your square to keep it from colliding with sharp objects and obstructions.
  • Jump in time: To execute a square jump while dodging dangers and obstructions, click or press swiftly.
  • Plan: To execute accurate and timely leaps, strategically plan your movements and anticipate forthcoming obstacles.
  • Precision and reflexes: Swiftly make your way through perilous mazes to test your dexterity and agility.

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