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Happy Wheels

With billions of players worldwide, Happy Wheels is a driving, action, and obstacle course game that is growing in popularity. Your character will undoubtedly sustain injuries in this entertaining game, breaking an arm or leg... throughout the difficult quest for triumph. Ragdoll physics is the foundation of Happy Wheels. You'll need to navigate through hazardous terrain while driving toward the finish line at all costs—even if it means suffering a terrible injury. Driving is a difficult task! You have to select the right character at each level. This gory game may appear straightforward, but it's incredibly unique and thrilling. This game will have you giggling nonstop.

Controls Guide

  • To move, press the arrow keys.
  • To perform the main action (after ejecting: grab), use the space bar.
  • Press Control or Shift to execute secondary actions.
  • To eject, use Z.

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