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Haunt the House

Haunt the House is a fun and unique game in which you play a pretty little ghost living in a luxurious mansion. When a group of rich and arrogant people decide to hold a party in your house, you are not satisfied with this visit. You must manipulate different objects in the house and make them have supernatural effects to scare the 30 guests away. As you scare each person out of the house, they will become increasingly desperate, and some may even jump out the window if scared too much—something everyone wants to avoid! I hope you can reclaim your ghostly mansion.

Gameplay Haunt the House

  • You play the role of a beautiful little ghost living in an old house. You must use your power to possess objects in the house and make them have strange effects to scare away the people inside.
  • The object of the game is to make the people in the house as scared as possible. When the fear bar is full, you have won the game.
  • The game has many different rooms for you to explore, and each room has many different items for you to possess.


  • You can fly around the house using the arrow keys and possess items by pressing the spacebar.
  • Monitor their fear level by looking at the blue bar in the upper left corner.
  • See the number of people remaining and the number of dead people in the upper right corner. You should try to minimize the number of deaths to get a higher score.
  • You can move between rooms by opening doors or using secret passages.

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