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Hippo Supermarket

In the unusual game Hippo Supermarket, players are thrown into a vibrant, bustling world of shopping where adorable hippos scurry down the aisles in pursuit of the greatest deals. In addition to being a lot of fun, this family game helps with resource management and planning. Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of strategy and excitement in the cutest hippo supermarket you've ever seen!

Players assume the role of humorous hippos in Hippo Supermarket, and their mission is to get items from the shopping list as soon as they can. The same set of duties are given to each player, but strategy and a little bit of luck determine how fast and efficiently he can fill his basket. The game encourages a lot of laughter and social interaction among players because of its humorous artwork and engaging gameplay.

Controls Guide

As directed by Jack, combine items and finish delivery orders. Convert the warehouse into a supermarket scene by using the build feature and earning cash. Gather free stuff from the game's other sections and treasure boxes. Perform further tasks as directed by Jack.

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