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Mystic Mahjongg

Chinese mahjong and other puzzle games serve as inspiration for the timed three-dimensional block puzzle game Mystic Mahjongg. It most resembles Endless Dimensions, Mahjongg Dimensions: Candy, and Mahjongg Dimensions 3D. The player has to remove blocks from the stack as soon as they can, through numerous levels. Only two identical cube pairs may be removed at once.

Blocks don't usually stack into one large block in the game. Rather, it shows a number of samples. Before time runs out, players must swiftly rotate the stack and make matches. For a quicker match, they might make use of the suggestion tools that are displayed beneath the tile. They can watch advertisements to make extra money if they run out of suggestions.

Players that win at Mystic Mahjongg can utilize their money to acquire breathtaking new backdrops in ethereal and mysterious settings. When players create consecutive pairings or combinations, their profits are maximized based on their score. At the conclusion of a level, their final score is determined by the amount of time left, the total number of movements, and the number of tips used. As they progress through the game, players can also make changes to their avatars.

Controls Guide

Look for matches by analyzing the cubes' patterns. Prioritize the ones that are readily apparent. To identify more patterns, turn the stack or consult the suggestions. Watch the video for further recommendations, if necessary. Finish a level as fast as you can and with as many matching pairs as you can. Modify the mysterious avatar or background picture as the game prompts you to.


Mouse: Click shapes, buttons, and icons. Click the screen's arrow or click and drag the mouse to rotate the cube stack in order to identify pairs.

Mobile: Tap shapes, buttons, and icons. Use the stylus or finger to tap and drag, or tap the arrows to rotate the stack.

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