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Only Up Parkour 2

Here's the second installment of Parkour Master 2, an amazing new online game. To become a true master of parkour, you'll need to jump, flip, and pass in this thrilling game.

In Parkour Master 2, you'll navigate intricate urban environments with gravity-defying motions and thrilling challenges that will test your speed, agility, and inventiveness to the limit. This game pushes the limits of what is possible in the parkour virtual world with its improved graphics, dynamic open-world setting, and tons of free-running obstacles. You will have to control your character to jump over platforms of varying lengths, dodge hazards, and climb barriers of varying heights. You have to cross the finish line in the allotted time to win the level. In Parkour Master 2, points are given to your character as soon as they get beyond the obstacle!



Controls Guide

  • WASD - Move.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Shift - Release.
  • E - Interact.
  • P - Pause.

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