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Pumpkin Panic Speedrun

Pumpkin Panic Speedrun is a game where you farm and survive on a creepy farm. Your job is to grow and water crops, but also to avoid monsters that come out at night or day. Items and tools are needed to protect yourself from gnomes, deer, birds, and other creatures. The game has a Halloween theme and a cartoonish style. In the game, you can find items under the scarecrow or buy them in the store. You can also carve pumpkins and throw them at monsters. It is a fun and scary game that will keep you on your toes.

How to Play Pumpkin Panic Speedrun

Follow the guides below to learn how to control characters, collect items, and do other actions in the game.

  • Join us to play Pumpkin Panic Speedrun online. You will be in a creepy place where the pumpkin-head enemies are available.
  • Destroy the pumpkin heads using the provided item. There are walls and obstacles standing in your way, making your attack more challenging.
  • Align so that the shot hits the enemy. With each pumpkin falling, you get more points.
  • Destroy all pumpkins to win the game. You will be automatically taken to the next level after one is completed.


How many levels does Pumpkin Panic Speedrun have?
Pumpkin Panic Speedrun has many different levels. The fact that you complete a level will unlock the next one. Of course, the next level will be more difficult than the previous, with more pumpkin heads as well as more difficult obstacles.

Can I jump over a level to reach a higher level?
No, you cannot jump over an unfinished level to reach a higher level. You have to win a level to be able to unlock the next one. However, you can replay completed levels anytime you want.

Wish you best of luck in the Pumpkin Panic Speedrun!

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