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Super Friday Night Funki at Freddys 2

Super Friday Night Funki at Freddys 2 is a combination of two famous games: Friday Night Funkin and Five Nights at Freddy's. You will play the role of Boyfriend, a guy who loves rap music who must confront different opponents in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, a horror game about evil puppets. You must follow the arrows that appear on the screen to keep pace with your opponents while avoiding being scared by the puppets. This game has impressive 3D graphics, haunting sounds, and many different songs, from pop to rock, from gentle to powerful. You can choose different game modes, from easy to difficult, from single to double, from cooperative to competitive.

Controls Guide

Super Friday Night Funkin' at Freddy's 2 has straightforward yet difficult mechanics. To earn points, rhythmically match the on-screen arrows while the song is playing. As your timing improves, your score increases! By attaining high scores, you can advance through the stages and unlock new, horrifying songs. You're getting closer to escaping this nightmare with every win.

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